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How to Access BBC iPlayer Outside UK

Jan. 23, 2017, 4:30 a.m.

BBC iPlayer is the BBC’s internet TV and radio service and it's one of the most watched internet media streaming services in the world. You can watch and listen to live broadcast on iPlayer but the main purpose of iPlayer for most users is to ‘catch-up’ with the last 7 days of programming for free.

BBC iPlayer apps are available for tablets and mobile devices that run iOS or Android. BBC has stated said that there has been a total of 20 million downloads of the iPlayer apps for iOS and Android devices.

BBC radio is available everywhere in the world through iPlayer but the full television service is only available to UK residents (there is also a different international service available in 11 European countries.)

In order to access the full television service of iPlayer outside UK, you need to get a UK IP address. There are many ways to do this but VPN is by far the most secure way due to a number of factors including its ease of use, maintaining internet anonymity, P2P and public Wi-Fi hotspot security.

You can get a UK IP address using WASEL Pro VPN service for BBC iPlayer by simply downloading the app on your computer, selecting UK server then connecting.

But since watching BBC shows on the iPlayer via tablets and smartphones has become very popular over the past two years because many users see this as an easy way to catch up with their favorite shows in bed, you can connect to UK server to watch BBC iPlayer outside UK on iPad/ iPhone by following these instructions

Just remember to type in Server filed

To watch BBC iPlayer outside UK on Android tablets and smarphones, follow these instructions

And remember to type in Server Address field

Wasel Pro for Android is now bVPN - Fast VPN tunnel with SmokeV2 technology, if you're running Android +4.0.3, you can download it from Google Play:






Before using WASEL Pro UK VPN

After using WASEL Pro UK VPN