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Why do you need Business VPN service?

Keep all your important data and documents safe:  

Using Business VPN is essential to guarantee the security of your data. Business VPN encrypts your connection so that all information and files shared between your staff members are totally hidden from hackers, data sniffers and even Internet Service Providers. Also, VOIP calls and text messages go through the encrypted tunnel between your devices and our servers to avoid eavesdropping.  

Cut down your expenses:

Some Internet Service Providers in certain countries, especially in the Middle East, ban VOIP applications, such as Skype and Viber. So if one of your staff members travelled to one of these countries, they won't be able to communicate with other staff members using these free applications and they will have to use roaming mobile network or local mobile networks which can be very expensive. Business VPN is the perfect solution to unblock any website or application without sacrificing security or speed.

Through using a Business VPN a distant staff member can easily and safely access the company's intranet and all sources they need. Employees who cannot be at the workplace can carry out their projects as if they were.

Another valuable aspect of Business VPN is that it allows workers to easily get connected to the main system instead of having to build devoted networks between different divisions of the business organization.

Why WASEL Pro Business VPN?

High speed servers:

WASEL Pro Business VPN runs on a high speed network of American and European servers. WASEL Pro boosts your Internet connection speed using Lzo compression.

2 VPN connections at a time:

WASEL Pro Business VPN gives each user's account two connections at the same time; one using manual VPN configuration and the other using WASEL Pro app.

Unlimited usage/ bandwidth:

All WASEL Pro Business VPN subscription packages give you access to all our servers at anytime. You can easily switch between servers any time you like. Also WASEL Pro gives you unlimited bandwidth, unlimited data transfer and torrents download.

Secure VPN Protocols:

Choose between OpenVPN, and L2TP advanced VPN protocols to secure your connection and determine the level of encryption according to your needs.

OpenVPN over SSH mode

WASEL Pro Business VPN is the only working VPN service in countries using strong firewalls such as Oman and China by using advanced OpenVPN over SSH technology.

Supports all operating systems

WASEL Pro Business VPN application supports all Windows, Mac, Android 4.0.3+ versions and a new version will be available soon for iOS. Currently WASEL Pro Business VPN service works on older Android versions, iPad and iPhone using manual setup.

Introducing WASEL Pro VPN vouchers for Business

WASEL PRO understands that the number of employees active within the company can vary. That's why we came up to sell it in Vouchers. This way you are able to distribute exactly the amount of Vouchers you need for your business and never spend more money than ever needed, since the vouchers have no expiration date.

Using WASEL Pro Business VPN, you will get access to the WASEL Pro admin panel; you will get the voucher codes to activate the VPN account for your employees and they can start using WASEL Pro immediately after activation.

WASEL Pro Business VPN plans

Below you will find our great subscription packages suitable for all business sizes. If you're looking for a customized plan for your business, you can contact us at [email protected] and you'll get our response as soon as possible with a satisfying deal. If you still have any other inquiries about our service and its functions, feel free to contact our live chat support team 24/7 who would be more than happy to answer your inquiries and help you out.  

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