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Why WASEL Pro is the Best VPN Service?

Jan. 23, 2017, 4:30 a.m.

As reviewed by, WASEL Pro is the best VPN provider for the Middle East and Gulf region. The reasons stated:

Cheap VPN

WASEL Pro is relatively cheap if you compare it to other VPN services. Our VPN service provides a strong and Express fast VPN at a very reasonable price, WASEL Pro offers discount based on long subscription periods up to 25%, Price is as low as 7$ when you subscribe for a one year package, Most of the other VPN services cost more than 13$ per month or limit your usage down.

You can use your WASEL Pro VPN account on your desktop and your mobile devices as well. WASEL Pro gives you two connections at the same time; one connection through application itself using OpenVPN protocol and the other connection through L2TP protocol which is perfect to use on your smart phone or tablet, unlike all other service which provide you only 1 session at a time.

One Account Access All Servers

All WASEL Pro VPN subscription packages give you access to all of our servers with one account while other VPN services give you access to just one of their servers. All WASEL Pro VPN subscription packages give you unlimited bandwidth and no torrent or p2p limitation.

Direct Sales and Many Payment Options

You can choose between varieties of secure payment methods to buy VPN WASEL Pro and get your invoice paid: Credit card, Bitcoin, PayPal, Webmoney, CASHU, OneCard, Google Play account (for Android VPN), iTunes account (for iOS VPN) or Western Union. 

Strong and Fast VPN Protocols

Most VPN service providers use just one VPN protocol. WASEL Pro uses two most reliable VPN protocols; OpenVPN for the applications and L2TP for manual setups.

One Click Application for OpenVPN

Currently WASEL Pro VPN has applications for Windows, Mac and Android and we are releasing an application for IOS soon.

Advanced Function SSH VPN Encapsulation

WASEL Pro offers OpenVPN over SSH feature, a totally secured OpenVPN connection that cannot be detected or interrupted by any firewall no matter how strong it is. And that is why WASEL Pro is the best VPN and only working VPN in Oman, Syria, Iran, China and Singapore because these countries use DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) technology that can detect any VPN connection. But with WASEL Pro OpenVPN over SSH mode nothing can get in the way. You can turn on SSH mode in one simple step by clicking the SSH button. And that is why WASEL Pro VPN is very easy to use.

Real Dedicated Servers

WASEL Pro has a network of REAL global servers. Many other VPN providers use virtual servers for example you get five USA servers but in fact it is just one server in USA, the others are just virtual.

Currently WASEL Pro VPN has five servers located in USA VPN, UK VPN, France, Germany and Sweden and they're constantly updated, and always a real dedicated server with the best vpn compatible hardware configuration the the latest operating systems.   

Express Speed

Many users think that using WASEL Pro could affect their connection's speed; while actually using our VPN helps you boost your speed due to a number of factors explained here.

Some people say that after using VPN their connection's speed is the same or sometimes even less. Actually, speed test sites are not 100% accurate due to many factors. Most importantly that you usually choose to measure your connection's speed while opening or downloading from a website that uses a server that is geographically far from the server that you're connected to on WASEL Pro. Finally, you should remember that is a simulation and not real.

There is a difference between your connection to your ISP and your actual connection to the world, the speed test service simply give you a speed test file download from a close to your location server (usually hosted in the same country where you reside) but that's not actually the real connection between your ISP and the world and this is the part we enhance.

Best VPN Customer Service and Technical Support with Remote Assistance Software

Our VPN service prides itself for having an excellent customer service and technical support team who is available online 24/7 through live chat. All you need to do is click on the orange bubble on the right bottom corner of their website. The staff is very helpful and quick to respond plus they speak both English and Arabic fluently. You'll receive a very detailed reply to any inquiry within a few seconds.

A very good feature is that the support team uses the Team Viewer software to log into your pc to help you solve any technical issue, help you install and run the application or even help you pay for the service.

Instant Activation

 As soon as your invoice is marked paid, you get your VPN account active and you can enjoy the service right away unlike other vpn service providers which will hassle you going into waiting for activation process, once the invoice is paid and your account is ACTIVE.

If you face any issues while payment is being processed please contact customer support with forwarding the paid invoice for your VPN account that was sent by the payment processor and your payment will be activated instantly.