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How to Use WASEL Pro OpenVPN Client on Android

Jan. 23, 2017, 4:30 a.m.

WASEL Pro OpenVPN  for Android is now bVPN - Fast VPN tunnel with SmokeV2 technology 

Download from google play market here and wait while it's being installed.

Open WASEL Pro VPN application.

Tap the "Sign in" (key icon).

If you're using WASEL Pro for the first time, provide your email address and a password of your choice and tap "Register". Go to your inbox and click activation link. Go back to the application and tap "GET FREE TRIAL" button.

If you're a paid user, insert your WASEL Pro account data (e-mail and password) and tap "LOGIN".

Your end paid date should appear. Tap the WASEL Pro logo (on the left) to go back to the main window.

Tap dropdown window to open the list of servers, select server and click "Connect".

Wait while it connects.

Now it's connected.

If connection fails, try turning SMOKE button on.

In case you fail to login in the application or list of servers is not loading, please follow these instructions:

Tap "Gear" button.

Tap "Advanced".

Tap "Activate advanced settings".

Tap "Add Server".

Insert a domain that is accessible in your region such as then tap "Apply Changes".

Then retry to login.

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