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What is VPN? And How to Benefit from Using It?

Jan. 23, 2017, 4:30 a.m.

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network; simply a group of computers (or discrete networks) networked together through over a public network—namely, the internet. VPN is used as a method for securing and encrypting communications.

WASEL Pro VPN creates an encrypted tunnel through which all of your online data passes back and forth which guarantees that all of the data you're sending and receiving is secured from hackers and data sniffers.

VPN Protocols

WASEL Pro uses 2 reliable VPN protocols:

OpenVPN: OpenVPN is an advanced open source VPN solution backed by the company 'OpenVPN technologies'. It uses the mature SSL/TLS encryption protocols. OpenVPN is very stable, reliable, fast and secure and it is the best choice for desktops. OpenVPN is supported by Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and Android operating systems.

L2TP; Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP): L2TP is an advanced protocol and the recommended replacement for PPTP where secure data encryption is required. L2TP is often used in tandem with IPSec (which acts as a security layer) to secure the transfer of L2TP data packets over the Internet. Unlike PPTP, a VPN implementation using L2TP/IPSec requires a shared key or the use of certificates. L2TP uses the highest encryption and data integrity checking L2TP is supported by Windows, iOS, Mac OS X, Android and Linux operating systems and it is the best choice for mobile devices and tablets.

WASEL Pro is a VPN service provider with clients and servers all over the world, in at least 35 countries, A big percentage of WASEL Pro VPN service users are located in the middle east and south asia, Our servers is distributed across the world to get the best routing roots for all our users.

Using VPN for Unblocking and Opening Blocked websites, like Youtube, Facebook, or any other blocked sites based on ISP censorship OR other services which is blocked by the service managment itself, Let's say for example Hulu and Netflix is restricted for USA based customers, BBC iPlayer is also blocked for everyone except the UK, Using VPN service to Unblock websites is a fast and secure way of reaching these services and being able to use it just like when you are back in your home country if you were abroad, or as an end user who's located in a different country but still would like to use the service.

Pandroa radio can also be unblocked using VPN service.

You can Use our UK VPN servers for unblocking BBC iPlayer, and you can use American servers for unblock sites like Hulu, Netflix, Pandora.

Beside unblocking websites and bypass censorship VPN is widely used for security reasons, By using VPN you protect your devices and data while using internet in public Wi-Fi hotspots in cafe or hotel, or anywhere else you decide to connect your phone to the internet along unknown large numbers of users.

There is plenty of use for VPN for small business and companies which have multiple offices across the world and would like to create a secure network for sharing printers, files, etc.