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How to Buy WASEL Pro VPN Account Using Western Union

Jan. 23, 2017, 4:30 a.m.

Paying via Western Union is only available for one year subscriptions. Subscribe for one year and enjoy discount up to 25%. The price for one-year subscription is 95$, including transfer fees.

Registration at WASEL Pro

In order to be able to use WASEL Pro VPN service without interruption, first you need to register by clicking on this link:

Please note the following when registering:

Enter your name in English and without spaces

Do not enter any signs in your phone number (digits only)

Make sure that you've entered the correct e-mail address in order to receive the activation link.

In case you didn't receive the activation e-mail, please e-mail us using the same e-mail used for registration at [email protected]

Once you receive the registration e-mail, click on the link attached in order to activate your account.

Go to the nearest Western Union branch and send money transfer of 95$, including transfer fees, to the following recipient:

First Name: Nahla

Last Name: Moharam

City: Alexandria

Zip: 21321

Country: Egypt

After the transfer is done login to your account on WASEL Pro, you'll find an unpaid invoice. Click on the "One Year" key on the left.

Click on the WU button in the invoice.

You'll be redirected to a page wherein you insert the following data:

MTCN Number: (digits only)

Sender Name:

Sender City:

Sender Country:

Amount Sent: (digits only)

Then click "Submit".

Once the transfer is confirmed, your account will be activated.

Subscribe now! In case you have a problem or an inquiry, contact our technical support team 24/7.